The Insomnia Workbook (English Version)

The Insomnia Workbook (English Version)

The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need

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The Insomnia Workbook

The Insomnia Workbook is a self-help sleep guide that can help you overcome insomnia in a natural way. The beginning of the book helps readers understand normal sleep, sleep deprivation, and the different kinds of insomnia. It aids readers in identifying both medications and medical conditions that can cause insomnia, mood disturbances that affect sleep, and other sleep disorders that commonly cause disturbed sleep. Through exercises and self-administered questionnaires, readers can identify and address primary versus secondary insomnia. A chapter on sleep medications helps readers make informed decisions about over-the-counter sleep aids, herbal remedies used for sleep, and prescription sleeping pills. For those who are interested, there is also advice on how to stop taking sleeping medications. The main component of the book is on overcoming insomnia through behavioral and cognitive techniques. Through a treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), readers learn how to improve their sleep with sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, stimulus control, sleep restriction, and managing daytime and nighttime stress and anxiety. What makes this book unique is its interactive approach, with readers taking an active part in improving their sleep through various questions and exercises. Lastly, the book contains a chapter on parasomnias (abnormal behaviors during sleep) and a chapter on women and sleep.